Delaware Could Be First to Legalize Weed in 2017

Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Could it also be the first state to legalize marijuana by an act of the legislature? So far, every state to end cannabis prohibition has done so through the will of voters at the ballot box, but marijuana policy analysts believe that 2017 could see one or […]

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The HIGHly Skeptical Rationale For Not Legalizing Marijuana

Dated May 20, 2015, a recently unearthed document authored by the Department of Health and Human Services exposes the warped rationale utilized when the FDA helped the Drug Enforcement Administration torpedo the rescheduling of marijuana. Currently classified as a Schedule I narcotic within the Controlled Substance Act, marijuana has been wrongfully demonized by the FDA for […]

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Adidas New Ad Features Massive Marijuana Growing Operation

If we asked you to describe the presidential debates in a few words, chances are that “progressive” wouldn’t be one of them. However, one of the advertisers during the massive television event did take the opportunity to rise high above the fray and show that they were thinking ahead to the future. During the first […]

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Watch As Artist Uses Only Weed to Draw “Father of Cannabis”

If any figure of the marijuana movement deserves a huge portrait painted of them, it’s probably cannabis research pioneer Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. Even more fitting? A portrait “painted” using only herbs. Last month, at an international medical cannabis conference in Tel-Aviv, local artist Roy Znaty did just that. His masterpiece, which took over six hours […]

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Florida State Flag on cannabis background. Drug policy. Legalization of marijuana

Election 2016 – Medical Marijuana Gets Revenge In Florida

  The You Tube video begins with footage of a man and woman in white lab coats behind a pharmacy counter. An ominous male voiceover says, “This is a pharmacist. Qualifications: 4 years of medical training and 2,000 hours of clinical hours.” The 30-second spot then cuts to a heavy-set dude with a ponytail handling […]

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Licensed Growers Experience Growing Pains in California

Working in the ganja fields is much less exhausting when the sun isn’t shining. Grown by Hollyweed Seed Co. -CJ Brian Many rural California communities have high expectations over the prospect of commercial cannabis cultivation, officially licensed by local authorities under provisions of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MMRCA), which was passed by […]

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Gambling Mogul Donates $1 Million To Reform Marijuana Legalization

Demonstrating a penchant for bad judgment, duplicity, and ignorance, Sheldon Adelson is doubling down on his dark brand of “logic” and fighting the effort to legalize marijuana from Nevada to Massachusetts. According to the Boston Globe, Sheldon Adelson is betting another massive pile of cash that he and his cohorts can persuade voters in Massachusetts […]

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